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Empowering Moms with
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"she is right there with you."

Speak To Encourage Founder, Gina Colin is an expert at working with moms in transition. 

Gina is a Speaker and Mentor with over 15 years of experience working with moms. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services Management and uses her life experience, education, resources, and passion to develop solutions through mentorship. 

Gina created a motherhood series of courses that she incorporates in her mentor programs. Her courses promote self-love, personal growth, emotional healing, and good mental health, and serve as a guideline for her virtual mentor meetups. 


Motherhood series 

Let's take a selfie-01.jpg
LET's take a selfie

This course is interactive and encourages group discussion. We examine self-love, self-respect, and self-esteem. The course  promotes a positive self-image and encourages personal growth for moms in transition.

The struggle is real-01.jpg
Motherhood: The Struggle Is Real

This course is interactive and encourages group discussion. We examine the need for work-life balance and self-care. The course promotes self-awareness, mental health, life balance, and personal growth for moms in transition.


Let's set goals-01.jpg
LET's SET goals


This course is interactive and encourages group discussion. We examine constructive ways to set goals, the importance of short and long term goals and how to execute goals in a timely manner. The course promotes critical thinking, organization, time management, and personal growth for moms in transition.

MENTOrship Program 

Gina has created a mentorship program that works well for busy moms through virtual mentor meetup calls. These calls are a confidential online chat designed to discuss past decisions, present circumstances, and future goals utilizing the motherhood series as a guideline for each call. 
Mentor meetups assist clients with:
Parenting struggles| Self-care| Relationship & breakup support| Work/Life balance
If you are a mom and you are feeling overwhelmed and want to experience positive change, this is for you!
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